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It was 1992 and my parents get some new movie called Terminator 2, I was too little to see it yet, but no one can beat the curiosity of a child so I see the movie and fall in love of the technology, since then I have been seeking understand technology and work with it. Before know that the software will be my life, I dwell on the computer guts for 12 years as a tech support generalist, was then when I realize that I needed a mayor challenge and that was in the “code”, from there I decide to enter to the matrix. Now I’m a programmer amazed by the development and how it grows, I feel motivated with the teams that come together and make their best to beat the challenges, be part of those who overcome those obstacles daily, as a programmer and as a manager.


El dia 22 de septiembre cumplen años 2 personajes de Historias Magnificas y Fantasticas, Bilbo & Frodo Baggins personajes creados en los libros del Escritor J. R. R. Tolkien en estos libros se menciona que los dos Hobbits cumplen años el mismo dia(el calculo de la fecha al calendario gregoriano no es exacta y continua un debate por esto ya que escolares y aprendices declaran que pudiera ser el 14 o el 12 de septiembre segun el calendario de la comarca).

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